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Artist Statement:

My recent family history includes people who were adept at multiple forms of craftsmanship. In college I
discovered my talent for wood shaping and spent many hours making small sculptures. The creation
line and form plus many years of study and practice of photography and metal fabrication melded
into the sculpture I now do. Wooden vessels and larger scale work are the culmination of thirty
years of artistic and engineering practices.

My work is one of process and material driven reduction. Salvaged wood is carved with hand
operated power tools to arrive at the inherent aesthetic, from very unique wood by using
personal and appropriated styles. Most recently I've started to use metal in combination with wood,
brushing it and giving it a grain like surface.

Recent "Core series" works have art historical references. "Core" is a piece that merges the column
and the vase, which references the 16th century mannerist painting "Madonna with the long neck"
by Parmigianino. The second in this series is also vase like and has associations with tribal sculpture,
cubism, and abstraction. Both pieces are gender based and employ negative space. They evoke images
of ancient urns retrieved from sunken ships or recovered from ruins, having been restored but still
evidencing the ravages of time.


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